Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How about making a COMMENT?

Ooops I missed Thing 07 while working through the 23 Things. I'm glad I went back to it at Jason's request. I read the 'code of conduct' for commenting (how obvious), looked at the techniques for encouraging comments (ProBlogger) and discovered why people don't bother commenting. Comments are good should the blog require a response, a compliment or if controversial you may wish to get in on the argument. I've commented on 'kimbo says' for her pic from flickr and Alternatives blog about vodcasts and the useful link was worth a thank you. I also went to the staff 23 Things and made an encouraging comment on John Collins Weblog. While I was on the task I've created RSS feeds to these blogs. I've now listed these three blogs in my blog list. (can you see it...just over to the right>>>>>)

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